Art Selection Policy

The Belgrade Community Library Board of Trustees is committed to promoting the visual and aesthetic enhancement of the Belgrade community through the selection of rotating exhibits of public art in the Library.

The Belgrade Community Library Art Committee (Art Committee) will be responsible for developing and implementing the review and selection process of all artwork within designated areas in the Library.

The Art Committee shall be appointed by the Library Board. The Art Committee shall consist of a minimum of three but not more than five members. Representation shall be from the following constituencies: Library Board of Trustees, Library staff, one community member, and one local artist. The Library Director will serve as ex-officio member.

Criteria for Selection & Display

The lead of the Art Committee (the Library staff committee member) keeps a file of artists they have interacted with through local events, social media, or in the Library. Twice a year minimum, and then as needed, they submit suggestions for the next series of art and artists to the rest of the Art Committee, along with links to the artist's website or social media pages for review. The Art Committee provides feedback to the library staff, and artists are scheduled for the following six months to one year period with these opinions kept in mind, based on their availability and interest.

Alternatively, artists can submit representative examples of the artwork to be considered for display to the Library's general email address. A website is an acceptable and preferred representation. The Art Committee will review the representative examples via email and provide their opinion of the artist and art in question. The Art Committee will respond to all artists who have submitted work within 60 days of their submission.

The Art Committee has the final authority for approving exhibits and reserves the right to deny any individual or group from displaying artwork. Art exhibits will be considered for display in terms of the criteria listed below, in no particular order. Exhibits are not required to meet all criteria.

  • Consistent with the Belgrade Community Library Mission Statement
  • Artistic merit and innovation
  • Appropriateness of the artwork to the project/site in terms of scale, form, content, and materials
  • Safety of the artwork (shall not harm the building or affect access or safety)
  • Durability of artwork relative to theft, vandalism, and the environment
  • Shall be appropriate for viewing by children
  • Historical or regional relevance
  • Relation to other events or exhibits in the community
  • Ease of installation
  • Educational value

The following conditions must be met for the display of artwork:

  • The artist must sign an Exhibit Release.
  • The artist is responsible for installing the exhibit, as well as transporting the artwork to and from the Library.
  • All artwork must be ready to install in a manner appropriate to the medium.
  • The artist is responsible for providing an artist statement for the exhibit and business cards with their contact information.
  • When displayed, all items must be labeled with the artist's name, title of work, medium, and retail value.
    • Library staff will provide the artist's business card to patrons interested in purchasing the displayed artwork.
  • The exhibit will be available for viewing during the regular operating hours of the Library only.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: June 23, 2020
Reviewed by Library Staff: October 2021


  • Exhibit Space Policy
  • Exhibit Space Display Information
  • Confirmation / Contract for Display
  • Exhibit for Release
  1. Appendix A: Exhibit Space Policy

The Library provides exhibition space, to be determined by Library staff, for individuals and non-profit groups in order for them to promote their art, activities, history, cultural heritage, and/or current projects. The space may not be used in ways that demean groups or individuals.

The first floor of the Library and the upstairs community room are generally reserved for exhibitions of an artistic nature, or those sponsored or co-sponsored by Belgrade Community Library. The children's library is reserved for displays that are targeted towards children and are subject to the Youth Services Librarian's approval. The Library reserves the right to place limits on location, duration, and size of exhibits. Exhibitions do not imply endorsement by the Library.

The Library will take reasonable care to ensure the safety and security of items displayed; however, the Library does not assume responsibility in the event of loss, theft, or damage. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure items of value and will be required to sign an Exhibit Release form that releases the Library from responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction (see Appendix A).

All displays and exhibits will be organized in a manner consistent with the Library Bill of Rights and Interpretations, specifically Article 2, which states that, "Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues." No Library space is available for unsolicited exhibits, displays, petitions, or sale of items.

  1. Appendix B: Exhibit Space Display Information
  1. Appendix C: Confirmation / Contract for Display
  1. Appendix D: Exhibit Release