Public Access to Library Resources and Services for Minors

Per the Belgrade Community Library Public Access Computers Policy, staff may request that a computer user end their session if they appear to be in violation of the policy. Please note that the Belgrade Community Library's Public Access Computers Policy, including patrons' use of the Internet and other electronic communications, is subject to State and Federal law. To ensure that due process is implemented, the library will adopt the following procedure.

This procedure will be followed:

  1. Staff will notify patron verbally or via computer message that their computer session is in violation of the Computer Use Policy. Staff will end the session, and the patron will be welcome to otherwise use the library unless they are being disruptive.
    1. Computer message will state the following:
      "You may be in violation of the Computer Use Policy. Your session is being ended. Please see the front desk if you have any questions or concerns."
  2. Staff will file an Incident Report, and a copy will be submitted to the Library Director.
  3. At the user's request, an opportunity will be provided to dispute or explain the incident via the Computer Use Due Process Form. A copy will be submitted to the Library Director.
  4. If the patron submits a Computer Use Due Process Form, the Library Director, or the person acting in his or her absence, will respond to the patron verbally or by email within seven business days.
  5. If this response does not result in a satisfactory conclusion for the patron, a meeting with the Library Director will be scheduled.
  6. If further action is required, the patron may appeal to the Library Board. The Board will review the Computer Use Due Process Form and make a final decision.

Computer Use Due Process Forms are available at the library, upon request.

Computer Use Due Process Form

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Approved by the Board of Trustees: August 25, 2020
Reviewed by Library Staff: July 2020