About the Department

Under standards established by State and local laws, the Director of Finance and Administration, coordinates, supervises, and controls all financial, accounting, and data processing activities for the City and insures accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of resulting financial reports, records and related documents. The department also performs relatively complex work in maintaining, filing, indexing, and preserving official City records.

Department Goals

  • Maintain compliance with General Accepted Accounting Principals for municipal government. These funds include:
    • General Fund
    • Special Revenue Funds
    • Debt Service Funds
    • Capital Improvement Funds
    • Enterprise Funds
    • Internal Service Funds
    • Trust and Agency Funds
    • Special Assessment Funds
  • Collect, deposit, and invest all City funds according to the policies established by the Belgrade City Council and Montana State Law
  • Provide the best expedient service to all City residents and the general public
  • Improve relationships with customers regarding accounts receivable, accounts payable, and utility bills
  • Provide accurate tax records and fixed asset records
  • Provide adequate fiscal controls
  • Continue to improve the City's record management program through improving the records system and eliminating the duplication of record keeping within the City structure

Budget Information

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  1. Michael Fauerbach

    Accounting Technician: Accounts Receivable

  1. Jessica Hansen

    Accounting Technician: Accounts Payable

  1. Susan Caldwell