Meeting Room Agreement

Milesnick Meeting Room Agreement

  1. The meeting room is available to be reserved up to 90 days in advance. Complete the following agreement and bring to the Belgrade Community Library to ensure your reservation.

    I hereby state that I understand all of Belgrade Community Library's meeting room policies and charges that govern the use of the room. I understand that the organization I represent is responsible for any and all damages and cleaning required to both the room and any Belgrade Community Library equipment or materials used during our meeting(s). I agree to pay the amount determined below.

    Permission for rental is also contingent upon the following conditions:

    1. Applications may be made in person or by phone, mail, or email to the Library. It is preferred that requests to use the meeting room be made at least ten days in advance.
    2. Applications will be considered for both occasional and periodic use as long as such use does not restrict the freedom of the Library in planning and scheduling its own activities. An event reservation, though confirmed, may be canceled by the Library due to the booking of a Library or City of Belgrade event, inclement weather, or natural disasters. A full refund will be made.
    3. Applications will be considered for use during normal operating hours, with restrictions at the Library's discretion. Events can be scheduled during closed hours upon discretion of the Library Director. The cost of meeting room per closed hour is $40.
    4. Payment is due upon arrival for use of the Library meeting room.
    5. No physical changes are allowed in the Library rooms except for furniture rearrangement. Activities involving more than normal wear and tear on the facilities will not be permitted. Users will be held responsible for all damages. The Library is not responsible for equipment/materials left in rooms by users.
    6. Occupant Load restrictions must be followed (see attachment).
    7. Rooms may not be used for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or by groups which have a demonstrated history of unreliability regarding performance, payment, or control.
    8. No one may charge admission, offer items for sale, or charge for any service while using the meeting space, without prior approval. If approval is granted, the individual or group must remit 20% of funds collected to the Library in return for use of the meeting room.
    9. The Library reserves the right to have a staff member present at each scheduled event.
    10. Granting permission to use Library rooms does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of the group or its beliefs or practices. All written publicity (signs, flyers, etc.) for approved meetings or events held in Library rooms, must be approved in writing by the Library prior to distribution.
    11. Reservations may only be made up to 90 days in advance.
    12. A minimum of 48 hours is necessary for cancellation of a booking, or the individual or organization will be responsible for payment of the rental space. To cancel a meeting room reservation, call 406-388-4346.
    13. Every effort will be made to allow groups renting the meeting room access 30 minutes prior to their reservation at no charge, so that they may set up the room and arrange furnishings. Library staff is not responsible for setting up the room. The renter is also responsible for taking down the furnishings and putting them away.
  2. Charges Per Hour

    Partial/fractional use will be billed as full hour.

    • $20 for 1st hour
    • $5 per additional hour
  3. Suggested donation of $10 per hour

  4. $25

  5. Actual costs ($50 minimum)

  6. $40 per hour

  7. Note:

    Review of Documentation and Statement of Purpose:

    The Library, upon receipt and review of the "non-profit" documentation or statement of purpose, will determine if a group may rent a room with reduced rates.

    Make checks/money orders payable to: Belgrade Community Library

    Mail to:
    Gale Bacon, Director
    Belgrade Community Library
    106 N Broadway
    Belgrade, MT 59714

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