Memorial Donation Policy

The Library welcomes monetary donations that are designated as memorial donations.  A Memorial Donation Form must be submitted to the Library Director to ensure that funds are properly allocated and acknowledged. 

The donor may request that materials be purchased for specific collection areas/genres or other Library needs (i.e. furniture, landscape, building improvements, technology, etc.).  Donations not designated for specific needs may go to other items that benefit the Library.  Please consult with the Library Director for current Library needs. 

For donations of $20.00 or more, a memorial marker may be placed in purchased materials upon request.  We immediately acknowledge all monetary donations to both the donor and the honoree or designee.   

Please be aware that materials purchased by the Library, including those purchased as memorials, have a physical lifetime that may require withdrawal or replacement. 

Approved by Board of Trustees: 01/07/20
Reviewed by Library Staff: December 2019

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