Organizational Structure Policy

The Belgrade Community Library develops its collections, staff, and facilities in order to meet American Library Association Standards for Public Libraries and the Montana Public Library Standards. The Library is a division of the City of Belgrade. The Library Director is a department head within the governmental structure of the City of Belgrade and is answerable to the City Manager. The Library Director serves at the pleasure of the City Manager, which appoints the Director and sets the salary. The Belgrade Community Library Organizational Chart illustrates these relationships.

Personnel services are coordinated through the City of Belgrade Human Resources Office. Belgrade Community Library supports and adheres to all laws and policies dealing with equal employment opportunity, the Civil Rights Acts, the Americans with Disabilities Act, fair employment practices, and other federal, state, and local legislation concerned with employment and hiring practices. Additional policies pertaining to Library personnel practices have been implemented and are included in this policy manual and/or the City Personnel Policy Manual.

Citizens are welcome at any open meeting of the Library Board either as observers or to present information and concerns to the Board. Library Board meetings will be held in compliance with state laws governing meeting of regulatory groups. Any member of the public who wishes to speak to the Board is asked to fill out a Public Input Form prior to or upon arrival, indicate group affiliation (if speaking on behalf of anyone other than self), and to limit comments and general information to five minutes. Library administration and the Board welcome written documentation to support or restate information and concerns, but written documents are not required. Any group or individual wishing to place a library-related item on the official agenda for action should contact the Library Director at least two weeks in advance.

When public information-gathering forums are planned, care will be taken to schedule forums at times that are convenient to potential participants. If necessary, several forums may be scheduled to allow maximum input into Library service decisions.

Telephone calls, letters, and visits to the Library Director are encouraged, and the Director maintains an open door policy. Appointments to meet with the Director are encouraged, but not required. The Library Director or appropriate staff will respond to letters and telephone calls within ten workdays. Comments of general interest may also be addressed in the Library newsletter. Comments made on the Library's Google business account will be discussed at the next scheduled Board of Trustees meeting and receive a response within five business days, if required.

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Approved by Board of Trustees: 01/28/20
Reviewed by Library Staff: January 2020