Policy Review Process

In compliance with Public Library Standards [Administrative Rules of Montana 10.102.1158 (11), Library policies are reviewed and updated as necessary by the Belgrade Community Library Advisory Board at least once every four years.    Per Board request, staff members are encouraged to review policies for suggestions and guidance. 

  1. Once a policy is selected for review, the document will be shared with the staff (comments and redline edits only).  An assigned staff member may make grammatical and formatting adjustments before sharing the policy.  All staff will be able to review the policy at the same time, and all comments will be viewable to all staff.  Typically, staff will have one week to submit redline edits, comments, and/or additions.  If a staff member will be absent for more than one week (such as for vacation time), the staff member may request that the policy be open for comment for an additional period of time, but this request cannot be guaranteed. 
  2. After the review period by the staff, the Director will read over any suggested changes. 
    1. If all changes are deemed fit for Board consideration, edits/updates will be incorporated into a red-lined document.  Grammatical, spelling, and formatting changes will not require approval.   
    2. The Director will send the document to the City Manager and City Attorney for approval. 
  3. After approval by the City Manager and the City Attorney, the Board receives the red-lined (edited) copy of the policy in the packet for the next scheduled Board meeting.  Staff are welcome to access the draft policy on the City website, which is available for viewing by the public. 
  4. At the Board meeting, the Board can request additional changes, information, or research from the Director; request a vote on the policy at the next regularly scheduled meeting; vote to adopt the updated policy; or table the proposed policy changes.  
    1. If the Board requests more information or research, the Director may bring the policy back to the applicable staff. 
    2. The updated document will be sent to the City Manager and City Attorney for second approval.  
  5. At the next Board meeting, the policy is either adopted or tabled.   
    1. If adopted, the policy is digitally updated, placed on the website, and printed for binders in the Director’s office and circulation desk. 
    2. Staff members are responsible for reviewing the final policy. 


Approved by City Manager: January 2, 2024
Approved by City Legal Counsel:
Approved by Library Advisory Board: August 4, 2020
All policies available at belgradelibrary.org.