Staff Development Policy

Staff is the greatest asset of Belgrade Community Library.  The Library is committed to having a trained and educated workforce and requires staff participation in the Montana Continuing Education certification program through the Montana State Library.   

All staff are encouraged to attend job-related workshops, webinars, conferences, and professional association meetings, such as the Montana Library Association annual conference, state library training, and regional conferences.  Staff interested in attending training should indicate their interest in writing to the Library Director.   

Funds will be budgeted as equitably as possible to cover travel expenses and registration fees for training.  Work time may be given to attend training that meets the employee’s training needs.  Travel expenses and registration fees will be reimbursed if funds are available, upon approval of the Library Director.  If there are not sufficient funds to cover costs for all employees wishing to attend conferences, funds will be given first towards the expense of staff members who have official responsibilities or who are officers of the association.  Remaining funds may be prorated so that staff members have some financial support.  Attendance at professional association conferences and meetings will be rotated, with consideration given to the germane topic of the training.   

In order that training may be shared with other staff, written reports will be required by the Director to receive continuing education credit.  Each employee is required to register and track all continuing education credits through the Montana State Library website.  Employees may also be required to attend or conduct programs, training, and similar activities for other staff. 

Additional information may be found in City of Belgrade Policies and the City Employee Handbook, under “Employee Training and Professional Development.”  

Approved by Board of Trustees: August 7, 2023
Reviewed by Library Staff: July 2023