Adult Crafternoon

Adult Crafternoons are monthly craft projects with supplies and instructions provided by the Library, that usually happen on the 2nd Thursday of the Month as either take-home kits or LIVE events in the Library's Meeting Room.

The date may vary for LIVE events.

September 2023: Paint-By-Number

Available for pickup starting Thursday, Sept 14.

Remember how fun Paint-By-Number kits were? Relive that magic with one of a kit you can pick up at the Public Services Desk. There will be no video for this month; complete instructions are included in the kits.

Kits were purchased at Michael's, thanks to the Peggy Novotny Memorial. Have fun!

Pick up a Paint-By-Numbers kit

August 2023: Felt Llamas

Available for pickup starting Thursday, Aug 10

Itching for a new craft? No prob-llama! Our August Adult Crafternoon is a felt llama kit. For instructions on how to complete this kit, visit theLibrary's YouTube Page.

Each kit is free and contains all the materials you need for a new stuffed buddy (or two!) 🦙

Thank you to the Peggy Novotny Memorial for funding this project!

Felt Llama Kit is Septembers Crafternoon

July 2023: Bird Feeders Take-Home Kit

Available for pickup starting Thursday, July 13

Make your own Bird Feeder using supplies provided by the Belgrade Community Library. This project was put together by our Circulation Aide, Kacee. 

This project was generously sponsored by the Peggy Novotny Memorial

Join Circulation Aide Kacee for a walk-through of the project via YouTube at your convenience.

Looking forward to crafting with you again this month. Stay safe! 

July 2023 Adult Crafternoon is Bird Feeders

Past Take-Home Kits

Video instructions for previous take-home kits can be found on the library's YouTube page.

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