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  1. If not purchased by the library, would it be acceptable to Interlibrary Loan this item? Please see Interlibrary Loan Policy.
  2. Interlibrary Loan Policy

    Interlibrary loans will be used if materials are requested by the patron that do not fit the collection management criteria for purchase and cannot be obtained through intralibrary loan. Patrons are welcome to have up to three interlibrary loans in process at one time. A fee of $3 per item will be assessed if the item is not picked up within seven days of contacting the patron. A second attempt to contact the patron will occur on the 7 th day of holding the item. The item will be sent back to the lending library and the fee will be assessed on the 9 th day of non-pickup. Each patron is welcome to request five items through interlibrary loan per calendar year with no charge. After five items, a $3 per item fee will be assessed to alleviate cost of processing, postage, and courier fees.

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