Featured Artist

Allison Klein Throop  |  North Fork Mapping

Allison’s creates beautiful cartography through North Fork Mapping. Maps will be on display during October & November 2022.

Artist Statement

After taking one Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and one Cartography class in college, I was hooked – the intersection of the scientific and the artistic was where I belonged.

I have lived in the Greater Yellowstone Area for over a decade, beginning in Yellowstone National Park and eventually moving to Bozeman, Montana, mapping all the while.

I find that I can easily lose myself pouring over maps. Although I, like any good map nerd, have my share of taped together USGS topos, I wanted to create something new. Out of that, North Fork Mapping was born – spatially accurate maps you could use to plan your trip or gather around to discuss previous adventures, but also beautiful enough to be framed in any home. 

Each of my maps is available in a variety of styles from minimalist topo lines to more detailed information.

Artist Infromation

Allison is a Cartographer based in Bozeman, MT. Follow North Fork Mapping through their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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