City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is dedicated to preparing and preserving the records of the City of Belgrade.

The Office of the City Clerk engages both with the public and the staff to ensure professional and courteous participation in local government.

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Board Appointment Process:

Per the Belgrade City Charter Section 2.03: Powers and Duties of the Mayor, it states:

“The mayor shall appoint, with the consent of the council, all members of boards and committees."

The City Clerk will keep a list of all board positions and the term lengths. Three months prior to the term expiration date, the City Clerk will post a notice on the website and advertise the vacancy in the newspaper. The City Clerk will notify the Department Head who oversees the respective board of the pending opening. The Department Head will notify the board of pending openings at the next regularly scheduled meeting and that any sitting members wishing to reapply should do so. The Board may or may not choose to make a motion to recommend re-appointment.

At the City Council meeting at least two weeks prior to the term expiration date, the City Clerk will provide the Mayor with all applications for the vacant positions and any board recommendations of re-appointment.

At the next City Council meeting following the minimum two-week review period, the City Clerk and City Manager will place an action item on the agenda for the Mayor to nominate for any vacancy.                                                                                                                                                                               Advisory Board Openings

Application for Advisory Board and City Council vacancies

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