Water Usage Tips

Fix Leaking Fixtures

Regularly check for leaking faucets or toilets. A leaking toilet can use up to 40-60 gallons of water per hour. Add food coloring to the water tank to detect a leak. If the colored water enters the bowl, the toilet is leaking. 

Maintain Sprinklers

Check sprinkler system regularly to detect leaks early. When looking for potential leaks, walk your property and keep an eye out for visible damage, pools of water, or sprinkler heads that raise and have little water flow or don't raise at all when the sprinklers are on. 

Watering Your Lawn

Water your lawn during cooler parts of the day (before 10:00am and after 8pm). Watering from mid-morning to late-afternoon could lose up to 1/3 of the water used to evaporation. 

Check Your Crawlspace

If you're home has a crawl space, check regularly for wet spots. Wet spots will indicated a potential pipe leak. 

Disconnect Your Hoses

Before winter strikes and freezing temperatures arrive, make sure to disconnect your garden hoses from all spigots. Garden hoses left attached can retain water and freeze. The ice can then damage to your spigot and pipe potentially causing a water leak. 


The City of Belgrade is responsible for repairing leaking water meters. If you suspect a leak, test if your water meter is the cause. Turn off your main source of water after the water meter. If the meter continues to rise in count, the meter is at fault and the city should be notified immediately so that a trained meter technician can perform repairs. If the water count stops, the meter is not at fault and the leak is not the cities responsibility. 

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