Materials Mailing Policy & Form

In order to provide services to all patrons within the community who wish to utilize the library, Belgrade Community Library will mail items to patrons who have difficulty accessing the Library.   


Materials Mailing Services are available to patrons with library accounts in good standing who have a mailing address within Gallatin County. To enroll in the Library’s Materials Mailing Services, the patron or a representative must fill out a form verifying their current contact information, providing an explanation of the condition preventing them from accessing the Library in person, and providing the duration of this situation if their condition is temporary.  This form is available within the Library and via the Library website.  If a patron cannot access the application form themselves or through a representative, they may call the Library and provide all necessary information for Library staff to complete the application on their behalf.  


Items will be shipped in reusable, nylon courier bags.  The Library will mail one shipment containing up to two items per week.  Items will be checked out to the patron’s account when they are prepared for mailing.  All items checked out to homebound patrons will be checked out for four weeks.  It will be the patron’s responsibility to contact the Library if they need to renew or extend their checkout times.  Patrons can renew items up to two times unless the item has been placed on hold by another patron.


All items must be returned together in the reusable courier bag in which the items are delivered.  If a patron fails to include all items within the courier bag when it is returned, then the patron will be responsible for any postage required to return those items or to arrange alternate delivery of items to the Library.  If a courier bag is not returned to the Library, the patron will be charged a $15.00 replacement fee.   

Items returned by mail will be checked in according to the date of the postmark.  If there is no postmark or the date on the postmark is unclear, items will be checked in as if they were mailed one week prior to the date they were received by the Library. 


Patrons who participate in Materials Mailing Services will be subject to the same fines and fees for lost, damaged, and overdue items as other patrons.  Patrons will not be charged for damages if it can be documented that the damage occurred while the item was in the care of the postal service.   


Most books, audiobooks, and DVDs are available to be mailed to homebound patrons.  The Library reserves the right to decline mailing oversize items that will be difficult or unduly expensive to mail or items deemed too fragile to mail.  If the Library decides an item cannot be mailed, Library staff will work with the patron to provide an alternative item when possible.  Board games, puzzles, technology items (including WiFi Hotspots), and other kits are not eligible for mail delivery.   


Patrons can place specific titles on hold for delivery or they can work with Library staff to select items for them.   


The Library reserves the right to terminate Materials Mailing Services under the following conditions: 

  • The patron’s library account expires and they do not contact the Library to renew their account. 
  • A delivery is returned to the Library as undeliverable or the Library otherwise learns that the patron has moved but has not updated their account information. 
  • The patron’s account is blocked due to fines or fees related to lost, damaged, or overdue items. 
  • The patron or someone in their household is found to have purposefully defaced or otherwise vandalized an item. 

If there are insufficient funds or if the Library elects to terminate the Materials Mailing Service, the patron will be notified via the preferred method indicated in their account.