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1. When is the Court Clerk’s office open?
2. What time will the Judge see me on my ticket?
3. Can I just pay my ticket and not come to Court?
4. Who do I make a check out to when making a payment?
5. Where do I mail my payment?
6. How do I find out how much I owe the Court?
7. What information do I need to put on my check?
8. How can I make a payment to the Court?
9. My case is in collections. Where do I make my payment?
10. How do I find out why my driver’s license is suspended?
11. When must the court give me a lawyer for my criminal or traffic case?
12. How do I ask the judge for a lawyer on my criminal or traffic case?
13. The judge gave me an order giving me a lawyer, what do I need to do for the public defender to qualify me?
14. The Public Defender says I don’t qualify, can I ask the Judge to decide?